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Customer Ratings & Reviews for John T Costa Agency, Inc

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Subject: Testimonial for Ralph Costa

When you are in the alarm business, having the proper insurance is
critical. At the same time, selecting a qualified insurance agent is
mission critical, as this person needs to be an Expert in Alarm
Insurance, so that they can help educate you on what you need to select
in insurance coverages, before a loss occurs. In addition, the agent
carries alot of weight in the event a claim is made against your
company.  In other words, you need a specialist, not a generalist, when
it comes to protecting your alarm contracting practice and your
subscribers. That being said, I highly recommend Ralph Costa for all of
your alarm contracting insurance needs, as he is a specialist, is very
involved in the alarm industry, and knows how to help you achieve the
best coverage and service for all of your insurance needs.

Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, DABFET, CHS-III, SET, RI, President

IDS Research and Development, Inc.

John T Costa Agency, Inc
I am extremely comfortable trusting the John T Costa Agency to protect my most important asset; my family owned Security Alarm Company. Other insurance companies in the past did not have the high level of specialization, expertise and knowledge that the Costa Agency brings to the table. Ralph and his son are EXPERTS in my industry and know exactly what general liability, automotive and workers compensation coverage I need. Recently we had an insurance issue come up late on a Friday evening. I emailed the Costa Agency and they responded on a Saturday with the information I needed to get the issue out of my mind so that I could enjoy my weekend. The Costa Agency’s level of knowledge, attention, personal care and commitment is unmatched. I highly recommend anyone in the security alarm business to switch to the John T Costa Agency for all insurance needs!

John T Costa Agency, Inc
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