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            **  MAKE  VCHECK PAYMENT **

Make Payments ONLY for John T.Costa Agency,Inc  and/ or Franklin Premium Financing Service,LLC.

Pay by Vcheck  Click Here

What is Vcheck ?   

VCHECK  is quick and convenient  option to send virtual check immediately  to John T.Costa Agency or Franklin Premium Financing Service,LLC. at no additional cost to you.


 #1) When submitting  VCheck ...please follow steps as indicated...note the account holder is not the policy holder but name on the checking account . Please make sure the correct payee is choosen.

#2) If payment is for new  policy please check this is new policy.If payment is other than new policy and policy #  is unavailable please use 123 as the policy number.

#3) If making payment for Franklin Premium Financing Services,LLC please use your account # where  asking  for policy #. If your account # is not available please use 123 as the account #

#4) VCHECK may not work with your IPHONE.

                                 Thank You For Using VCHECK !

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